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When you’re growing your restaurant business, catering should be a huge source of income for your restaurant. Restaurants generate four times more catering revenue than grocery retailers (up to 15 billion more) a year and according to, statistics have also shown that the rate at which consumers entertain multiple guests at home is growing. Most of these consumers choose catering for their at-home entertaining events. The average business spends $12,000 a year on catering with the average order size being $181.

Catering can account for roughly 18% of your total sales volume. It is a useful menu tool to increase your customer loyalty and attract new customers. When developing your catering services, it’s important to plan how you would like your menu to be laid out. Take note of the competition to see how you can differentiate your menu items from them. Choose items that stand out and keep them in line with the essence of your business. It’s also good to have food that will be easy to prepare as well as easy to transport for the customer.

When pricing your menu, you should typically have it set so you can feed multiple ranges of customers. Ranges such as 6-8, 10-12, and 14-16 are good tray sizes to fit the needs of parties. To decide a total price for each tray, think of the price per person as well as the quality of each tray. Offer lower priced options such as simple sandwiches, medium priced options like simple pastas with cookies, and higher priced options with more gourmet items. By doing this you can easily develop a catering menu from existing menu items.

Triple your order totals with a catering menu on your TakeWebOrders Site!

With TakeWebOrders, your catering orders will be much higher by targeting local businesses and by simply having your catering menu available online.  In addition to tradition ways to promote your catering menu, like offering business card drop box for a free catered lunch contest each quarter to collect names and emails, here are some other ways TakeWebOrders makes your catering options more effective and convenient:

  • Online catering ordering
  • Frees staff time from taking longer catering order phone calls
  • Customers do not need to leave for a separate website
  • Order in advance options
  • Offer a larger catering delivery radius
  • Have a separate catering menu delivery fee (hint: make it higher and include setup)
  • Ability to offer pick-up / carry-out catering orders
  • Require online catering orders to be pre-paid
  • Set order advance notice minimums (i.e. 3 days notice)
  • Customers have the ability to add regular menu items to a catering order
  • Customers also earn loyalty program points for catering to encourage repeat orders
  • Easier to market by sending emails to promote catering through the built-in email software
  • Customers only need one account and can access both regular orders and catering orders from one place
  • Cheaper to mail out postcards with your website address promoting catering instead of sending an entire menu