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As a restaurant owner, you want your customers to have a great dining experience to encourage them to revisit and spread the word about your restaurant. There are a number of ways to create an unforgettable experience, but one of the most important things your restaurant can do is acknowledge birthdays and allow customers to celebrate their birthday with you. The most common way to celebrate a birthday is to celebrate with friends and/or family and dine at a restaurant together. According to the National Restaurant Association, 70% of people dine out for their birthday. In fact, birthdays are one of the most popular occasions to dine out.

Not only do people want to dine out for their birthday, they are willing to spend more money on their birthday. Typically, restaurants find birthday groups are larger as compared to non-birthday groups and have a much higher ticket price.

Celebrating birthdays at a restaurant has many benefits, but the biggest is bringing more money into your pocket. So how do you get more customers to dine with you on their birthday? Whether you have never hosted a birthday dinner, or you have but very few of them, any restaurant can benefit from a birthday celebration. The TakeWebOrders system has the capabilities to not only attract more birthday celebrations into your restaurant; it can be done with very minimal work from you!

Automatically Acknowledge Your Customers Birthdays With the TakeWebOrders System

TakeWebOrders has seen first hand just how successful birthday celebrations can be for both the customer and the restaurant. That’s why we have built into our system the capability to automatically notify your customers a few days, or even weeks, in advance to extend an email invitation to celebrate at your restaurant. These invitations can include discounts or specials of your choosing to entice them further. By contacting the customer early, you are increasing your chances they will bring their group to your restaurant. Another benefit of contacting them early is reaching them before any competition has time to.

Turn Birthday Celebrations Into A Catering Event

TakeWebOrders is great for bringing customers into your restaurant, but the same system can be incorporated for any catered events. Another common way to celebrate a birthday is a party at home, which can comfortably host more people than a restaurant can. Extending an invite out a week or two in advance allows them enough time to order from your catering menu and plan ahead for their upcoming party. The average cost of a catering ticket is upwards of $350, and on birthdays the price can exceed that average.