Increase Restaurant Orders, Exposure, and Visits with Coupons

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Are coupons a part of your restaurant’s marketing strategy? If not, they should be. Here’s a few good reasons why: 92% of consumers use coupons Mobile coupons are redeemed 10X as often as traditional coupons 83% have made an unplanned purchase based on a promotion/coupon Click here for a full list on coupon usage statistics…. Read more »

New Attribute Features

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The new Food Attributes functionality is available for all TakeWebOrders plans and allows you to further customize your menu items to provide more options to your customers.

These attributes can include any options you need for your item. You can add multiple attributes to an item and create additional profit centers by setting an additional price for each of the attribute options. For example: You can create a Size attribute for your drinks and set a price difference for each size. Let’s say the base price of a small fountain soda is $2.00, then the size small will have an attribute price of $0.00 for a total charge of $2.00, a medium size will have an attribute price of $1.00 for a total charge of $3.00 and a Large size will have an attribute price of $2.00 for a total charge of $4.00.

Each attribute you create can be used on any of your menu items, making it simple to add common attributes to multiple items. You can also delete default attribute options and set different pricing on a particular menu item without having to create an entire new set of attributes for each menu item, making updating your store as easy as ever.

New Topping Options

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We have completely revamped how toppings work in TakeWebOrders to make it more practical and user friendly for your customers. Customers can now select to add normal, double and even 1/2 Toppings to a menu item.

The 1/2 Toppings Feature is perfect for allowing customers to customize their own pizzas. To activate it, you simply need to check the “Allow ½ Toppings” option when you’re editing or adding a new food item. With half topping servings, you can let your customer’s decide if they’d like to have the topping on the left or right side of the pizza. This allows your customers to customize their pizzas just the way they want without having to type in additional comments.