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The secret to getting more orders is to simply ASK for them. The most cost effective way to communicate with customers is through email. Email Marketing is a very powerful tool for your restaurant. There are over 1.4 Billion people worldwide who utilize email. 82% of consumers say email impacts their ordering decision with a full 61% saying they like receiving email specials. 36% specifically like receiving food specials as their favorite! Most importantly, customers who are marketed to via email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.

Restaurant Email Strategies

Here are 9 effective ways to promote your restaurant through email.:

  • Offer exclusive coupon offers
  • Announce loyalty program menu changes
  • Tie promotions to home sports team performance
  • Send birthday email coupons and well wishes
  • Send email specials on slow days to boost orders
  • Promote your catering menu before big sports events and holidays
  • Showcase your culture, news, staff to build more customer loyalty
  • Announce new menu items and promote seasonal items
  • Ask for referrals and to forward the email to friends and family (or use the TakeWebOrders referral program)

By creating variety in your offers, available loyalty program menu items and email messages you will have your customers curious to open your emails:

Free Restaurant Email Marketing Software


The Webmation Emailer account that is integrated into your TakeWebOrders site, allows you to keep in contact with your customers, send them specials, recognize them on their birthday, send monthly newsletters or receive an email anytime you want to send one.

There are a lot of advanced features as well – such as auto responders, mail merge personalization, spam-act compliance, social media integration, automated birthday emails, and statistic tracking. You can choose from over 99 email templates, create your own email from scratch, or have our design team create an amazing email template for you to use.


With the ease of a few clicks you can promote coupons, company news, events, and dine-in only specials. You can further highlight coupons and dine-in specials on your TWO site’s special offers page or make it the first thing customers see on your website home page.

Best of all, you are given a free Webmation E-mailer account as part of your TakeWebOrders package and we’ve taken it a step further by completely integrating it into the TWO system. You no longer have to manually add or unsubscribe customers from your site to a third party email program. It’s all done for you automatically!