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Everyone’s got a family. Nuclear or blended. Big or small. Familiar or estranged. However, most of us also have non-relatives we consider family. This is loyalty. Outside the confines of a bloodline, one’s family is anyone who provides a sense of belonging, security, and shared values. We’re naturally loyal to others who make us feel special. We’re also creatures of habit. Our character traits begin to develop at an early age based on nature and nurture components in our environments. I know you must be thinking, “What does this have to do with loyalty?” Simply put: everything. Many businesses have successfully leveraged habits and loyalty to their advantage, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is – especially with TakeWebOrders. Read more »


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Warm weather is here, at last! People are starting to spend more time outside after spending many months cooped up in their homes and offices. And more food trucks are out, too – ready and waiting for their customers. Have you ever wondered how to start a food truck. We will help you make sure your food truck is their first choice. Food trucks need to make about $200,000 a year just to break even. Want to take a decent salary? You have to find ways to boost profits and stand out from the increasing competition.  Beyond having great food, picking a good location, praying to the rain gods, and managing your inventory you have to think outside the box. Read more »


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Are coupons a part of your restaurant’s marketing strategy? If not, they should be. Here’s a few good reasons why:

  • 92% of consumers use coupons
  • Mobile coupons are redeemed 10X as often as traditional coupons
  • 83% have made an unplanned purchase based on a promotion/coupon

Click here for a full list on coupon usage statistics.

Regardless of the state of the economy, consumers are naturally inclined to save money.

TakeWebOrders makes it easy for you to offer coupons on your website. You’re in control over the coupon usage terms such as the expiration date, the number of times it can be redeemed, or setting a minimum order total for redemption. Take a look: Read more »

Washington, DC Snow Days

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The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has had a rough Winter of 2014. TakeWebOrders‘ parent company, Webmation, is based in DC, so naturally we’re wondering how the local restaurant industry around us has coped – and still is coping with the winter storms that shut down the government and schools in multiple counties in the region. We’re into the third week of March and just got another 4-6 inches of snow in some areas, with some school districts announcing last night that they would be closed for today.

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The new Food Attributes functionality is available for all TakeWebOrders plans and allows you to further customize your menu items to provide more options to your customers. 

These attributes can include any options you need for your item. You can add multiple attributes to an item and create additional profit centers by setting an additional price for each of the attribute options. For example: You can create a Size attribute for your drinks and set a price difference for each size. Let’s say the base price of a small fountain soda is $2.00, then the size small will have an attribute price of $0.00 for a total charge of $2.00, a medium size will have an attribute price of $1.00 for a total charge of $3.00 and a Large size will have an attribute price of $2.00 for a total charge of $4.00. Read more »