Create a 5 Star Customer Experience on Your Website

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Your TakeWebOrders site is designed to offer the best online ordering experience to your customers. We have spent countless hours refining the million plus lines of code that make up the backend of your TakeWebOrders site. By making it easy for your customers to order and access their account information they will have a very customer friendly experience and be more likely to order again and again.

Here are some of the little things that make a difference we have incorporated for you:

  1. Stunning Website: The way your website and ordering menu looks is critical for getting more orders. Customers decide in 1/20th of a second if they like your site, which impacts their impression of your brand, whether they trust you and will buy from your restaurant. 94% of their first impression is design related. By having all your restaurant information and ordering on one website you make it easy for customers to find and order from your restaurant.
  2. Mobile Website App: Mobile ordering accounts for over 60% of online orders already and 82% of customers will immediately click off your website if it is not specifically designed for their mobile phone or tablet. TakeWebOrders makes sure your website looks amazing on mobile devices and tablets, allowing customers to easily order and access their account information with your restaurant on the go.
  3. Menu Memory: Most online ordering solutions just reset the menu page when an item is added to the cart. This causes the customer to scroll all the way down again to reach the place they were before. This is the equivalent of having customers close the menu every time they order an item and then have to reopen it again before ordering the next one. In your TWO site, they simple click add to cart and continue where they left off.
  4. One Page Ordering: The more your customers have to click, the fewer items they will add to their cart. With one page ordering, customers can quickly scroll your entire menu instead of having to click on separate categories (or pages). Food categories are collapsible so they can easily hide categories they don’t like.
  5. One Click & Private Coupons: If a restaurant customer clicks a coupon on the special offers page, it is automatically added to their checkout cart, saving them time of having to remember or type in the coupon.
  6. Favorite Foods: Your customers can save their favorite foods to a favorites list for quick and easy ordering in the future, instead of having to navigate your entire menu.
  7. Quick Reorder: Your customers can view their order history and with one click repeat a past order.
  8. Birthday Emails: Through the integration with the Webmation Emailer system, your customers will automatically get a happy birthday email on their big day. Edit the email to add a special birthday coupon for their next order which will not only get the customer back to your restaurant but also will create a very positive feeling towards your restaurant!
  9. Address Book: Your customers can store multiple delivery addresses, such as work and home, for a super quick checkout for different locations.
  10. My Account: My Account is an easy to use and admin console for the customer to view their past orders, favorite foods, edit their profile, view their reward points, redeem food with points, and refer their friends and family.
  11. Auto Tip Calculator: Automatically calculates tips based off of subtotal for 10%, 15%, 18, and 20%. We also have a tip reminder feature to make sure they don’t forget when ordering in a hurry.
  12. Store Hours, Delivery Hours, and Closed Dates: Your customers can access any information they need about your restaurant from the website, including hours, days you are closed, special messages and restaurant history.